About Us

We are honored to be listed in the Financial Assistance section of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Resources.

From our family to yours.

We are a mother and son team and we understand the power of family support especially in times of challenges, hardships or dependent care.

As Christians, our faith moves us to deeper compassion with those with special needs and so we decided that this underserved community needed the same or better quality of financial services offered to the general public.


John Marley grew up with a neighborhood kid who had hearing challenges that kept him shy and distant from most kids except John.  John’s patience with him taught him that kids with special needs really are no different from us and with a bit of patience, will engage at high levels of interaction.





Trudy Beerman has served the special needs population through Foster Parent and institutional staff training.  One of her sons was unofficially diagnosed as being a high-functioning Autistic until further studies confirmed it. Trudy refused to pursue those, preferring him to be label free and treats him as such and uses the Florida Virtual School program to homeschool him, full-time.



We look forward to serving you.